Solar Calendar -375

Sierra Mikain discovers the Moon Rune and through it becomes the “Founder”.

Solar Calendar -250i?
This is said to be the year that the Queendom of Falena was founded but no historical records exist to prove this.

Solar Calendar -2
The hero Hikusaak overthrows the Aronia Kingdom and establishes the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia.

Solar Calendar 0
Hikusaak begins his tenure as High Priest at head of a religious government ii. This year is enshrined as the first year of the Solar Calendar.

Solar Calendar c.20
Harmonia Toran
Clift the Crusader repels a Harmonian invasion of the Lorimar region. The region is granted autonomy and Clift founds the Warriors’ Village.

Solar Calendar c.iii70
The Holy Kingdom of Harmonia slaughter the Clan of the Gate. Leknaat and Windy divide the Gate Rune between them and escape.

Solar Calendar 78iv

Neclord steals the Moon Rune and flees from the Blue Moon Village, beginning its decline.

Solar Calendar c.80
The Great Contract is enacted in the Great Forest region of Toran with the help of the Six Wise Men of the Forest.

Solar Calendar 110
The Dunan Monarchy is established in South Window City. Bernando is the monarchy’s first king.

Solar Calendar c.140
Falena New Armes
Balad of the Ishavaak Clan raises an army and is sponsored by the Queendom of Falena in order to increase stability in the powerful clans located on the eastern reaches of the southern continent, across the bay from Falena. After a dozen years, the clans are unified  by Balad and the New Armes Kingdom is established to the south east of Falena.

Solar Calendar c.150

Windy attacks the Village of the Hidden Rune. Ted escapes with the Soul Eater, alias of the Rune of Life and Death.

Solar Calendar 185
Muse City establishes a mayoral system of governmentv. Revier is the first mayor.

Solar Calendar 212
The bicameralvi parliament is established in Two River and begins governing the area.
The New Capital Calendar is established with the transfer of the capital of Falena from Stormfist to Sol-Falena by order of Queen Khorshed. The same year, the Queen’s Knights are established under the direct control of the Queen in order to guard her and her family.

Solar Calendar 230
Harmonia Toran
The Scarlet Moon Empire separates from the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia during its civil warvii. Kranach Rugner becomes the first emperor and the Sovereign Rune becomes the symbol of the Rugner house.

Solar Calendar 237
Harmonia Highland
Mauro Blight establishes the Highland Kingdom with lands gifted to him for suppressing the civil war in Harmonia and the Blight family is granted the title “Guardian of the Faith” and gifted the Beast Rune.

Solar Calender 240: Warlock is bornviii.

Solar Calender 244: Keen is born.

Solar Calender 245: Bang is born.

Solar Calender 246: The Governor of El-Eal is born.

Solar Calender 248: Deborah and Schtolteheim Reinbach II are born.

Solar Calendar c.250
Queen Khorshed finally completes her move to Sol Falena from Stormfist.

Solar Calender 250: Colton and Vincent Vingerhut are born.

Solar Calendar 252
Dunan Highland
Civil war occurs in the Dunan Monarchy. The Highland Kingdom invade eastern South Window (now Muse territoryix). The revolt succeeds and South Window City is established under a mayoral system.

Solar Calender 252: Konrad is born.

Solar Calender 253: Elenor Silverberg is born.

Solar Calender 255: Glen Cott is born.

Solar Calender 258: Izak and Setsu are born.

Solar Calender 261: Gary is born.

Solar Calender 262: Jango and Selma are born.

Solar Calender 263: Gareth, Graham Cray and Pecola are born.

Solar Calender 264: Ema, Igor and Lino En Kuldes are born.

Solar Calender 265: Charlemagne is born.

Solar Calender 266: Ornan and Oskar are born.

Solar Calender 267: Gau is born.

Solar Calender 268: Gunter and Oleg are born.

Solar Calender 269: Brec is born.

Solar Calender 270: Manu is born.

Solar Calender 271: Reinhold is born.

Solar Calender 272: Shiramine is born.

Solar Calender 273: Dario and Kevin are born.

Solar Calender 274: Karl, Nabokov and Pam are born.

Solar Calender 275: Lo Seng and Taisuke are born.

Solar Calender 276: Bartholomew, Helga and Phil are born.

Solar Calender 277: Selma, Troy and Ugetsu are born.

Solar Calender 278: Desmond, Katarina, Mao, Nao and Schtolteheim Reinbach III are born.

Solar Calender 279: Lilon and Micky are born.

Solar Calendar 280
Funded by Muse City, local knights are gathered to counter the military strength of the Highland Kingdom. The Knights of Matilda are established.

Solar Calender 280: Kate, Ramada, Rikie and Yu are born.

Solar Calender 281: Frederica, Helmut, Jeremy and Tov are born.

Solar Calender 282: Axel and Haruto born.

Solar Calender 283: Gretchen, Hervey, Maxine, Sigurd and Trishtan are born.

Solar Calender 284: Aldo and Lo Fong are born.

Solar Calender 285: Perrault is born.

Solar Calender 286: Akaghi, Etienne, Lilen, Pablo and Travis are born.

Solar Calendar c.287
Island Nations Toran
Warlock summons the Giant Tree from another world and develops rune cannon technology from its materials. At the same time, Yohn appears in the Scarlet Moon Empire and meets Walter.

Solar Calender 287: Adrienne, Ameria, Chadli and Tal are born.

Solar Calender 288: Carrie, Cedric, Flare, Funghi and Rachel are born.

Solar Calender 289: Chiepoo, Mizuki, Nataly, Nico and Snowe Vingerhut are born.

Solar Calender 290: Agnes, Liloon, Lo Hak, Keneth and Nalkul are born.

Solar Calender 291: Basil, Champo, Paula, Tanya and Wendel are born.

Solar Calendar c.292
Island Nations
Rune of Punishment is taken from the Kingdom of Obel. The Queen of Obel uses it against piratesx.

Solar Calendar 292~307
Island Nations Kooluk
Kooluk’s southern expansion policy beginsxi.

Solar Calender 292: Eugene, Jewel and Millay are born.

Solar Calender 293: Lilin and Mitsuba are born.

Solar Calendar 294
The Knights of Matilda gain independence from Muse City. A fair exchange system is issued to tie the cost of land belonging to the Knights of Matilda and the Muse knights.

Solar Calender 294: Lilan, Nalleo and Rene are born.

Solar Calender 295: Graham Cray’s son, Rita and Sigfried are born.

Solar Calender 296: Noah is born.

Solar Calender 298: Rakgi is born.

Solar Calendar 299
Island Nations Kooluk
Rakgi’s father is shipwrecked and becomes the bearer of the Rune of Punishment. Graham Cray would inherit the rune and cut off his arm to escape its curse. The rune would then move to Cray’s son who would use the rune to stop Scarlet Moon nobles from engaging in Man-Hunting, a sport in which Imperial nobles would disguise themselves as Kooluk soldiers and raid Imperial villages during peace time. Following many twists and turns, the rune would end up in the hands of the pirate, Steelexii.

A large battle takes places between the Dukedom of Gaien and the Kooluk Empire off the coast of El-Eal Fortress. The Gaien navy are comprehensively routed by the strength and skill of Troy. Walter travels to Razril in search of information about the true nature of rune cannons.

Solar Calendar 302
Island Nations Kooluk
Conflict breaks out in the Island Nations over the Rune of Punishment, one of the 27 True Runesxiii.

Solar Calendar 305
Island Nations
Walter and Edgar lose their lives in a battle against the notorious pirate Steele. Walter’s son, Kyril, was seriously wounded in the battle. Struck down, the Rune of Punishment passed from Steele to Brandeau. Brandeau would establish his own pirate band along with Peck, a fellow pirate who had been transformed into a half-fish creature by an exploding rune cannon.

Solar Calendar 306
Island Nations Kooluk
A Gaien escort led by Snowe Vingerhut is attacked by the pirate Brandeau. Brandeau is killed in the attack and the Rune of Punishment passes from Brandeau to Glen Cott, Commander of the Gaien Knights. Glen dies using the rune to repulse a pirate attack on Razril and the rune passes to the future leader of the Island Allied Navy. Iluya is destroyed by Kooluk’s giant rune cannon stationed at El-Eal Fortress and the Kingdom of Obel falls to the Kooluk Navy.

Solar Calendar 307
Island Nations Kooluk
Ted escapes from the clutches of the Fog Ship Captain and uses his Soul Eater rune to aid the cause of the Island Allied Navy for a time.

The Island Nations and the Kooluk Empire agree to a ceasefire after El-Eal Fortress is demolished by the forces of the Island Allied Navy. Lino En Kuldes becomes the first Chairman of the Island Nations Federation, established to create a united front against any future aggression towards the region.

Solar Calendar 307~314
The Kooluk Empire is dismantled. Each region of the nation is absorbed into the Scarlet Moon Empirexiv.

Solar Calendar 308
Island Nations Kooluk
Kyril recovers from his injuries and takes up his father’s investigation into the true nature of rune cannons. In the Kooluk Empire, conflict between the Imperial and Patriarchal Factions flares into civil unrest, destabilising the nation.

Solar Calendar c.xv309
Island Nations Kooluk
Kyril and his friends manage to destroy the Evil Eye, stopping Iskas from using it to control the Kooluk Empire, although the Emperor of Kooluk, Julius, and his heir, Martin, had already fallen victim to the Patriarchal Faction member. Having seen the state of Kooluk during her travels, Martin’s daughter, Corselia, now heir to the throne of Kooluk decides to dissolve the nation rather than assume the throne.

Solar Calendar 314
The City-State of Jowston is established by the founding members of Muse City, South Window City, Two River City and the Knights of Matilda. The name is derived from Jowston Hill, the location where the treaty was signed.

Solar Calendar c.330
The Nagarea Theocracy is established to the south of Falena with the consolidation of several regional powers. Details remain largely unknown, however.

Solar Calendar 337
Falena Island Nations
The Queendom of Falena, ruled by Queen Elemark, begins trade relations with the Island Nations Federation.

Solar Calendar 340

The magicians Crowley and Mazus have a great duel. Their battleground is reduced to the notorious Karakas Desert and both magicians die in the fight.

Solar Calendar 347
Soniere Prison is completed in the Kunan region of the Scarlet Moon Empire. It serves as a prison for criminals and political dissidents.

Solar Calendar c.360
Falena Nagarea
The Nagarea Theocracy invades the Queendom of Falena. Falena forges an alliance with the Dragon-Horse peoples in the south-west to fight off the invasion.

Solar Calendar 362
Grand Leaf Academy is established by Alen Wisemail in Greenhill City, located in Muse Principality.

Solar Calendar 365
Renovations on L’Renouille Palace is completed in the Imperial Capital of the Highland Kingdom.

Solar Calendar 366
Tinto City is established by the Tinto’s Miner Guild, using its organizational structure and promptly joins the City-State of Jowston xvi.

Solar Calendar 370
Scarleticia Castle is completed in the Kunan region of the Scarlet Moon Empire. The castle is intended to serve as a front-line defence against the City-State of Jowston.

Solar Calendar 373
Greenhill City is granted independence from Muse Principality by Mayor Uriah when the city’s Grand Leaf Academy insists on “academic independence”xvii.

Solar Calendar 376
Falena Nagarea
The Great Earthquake strikes southern Falena, destroying all routes between it and Nagarea. The earthquake was very strange in that it did nothing to divert the flow of the Feitas, nor did it damage any buildings, including nearby Sauronix Castle. Following the earthquake, the Nagarea Theocracy becomes an insular, isolationist nation.

Solar Calendar 378
Once key government facilities are moved to Greenhill City from Muse City, Greenhill City was admitted into the City-State of Jowstonxviii.

Solar Calendar 392
Reform is carried out at Grand Leaf Academy. The Wisemail family’s hereditary position of principal becomes a post determined by student electionsxix. As a result, the school is renamed New Leaf Academy.

Solar Calendar 407
Moravia Castle is built in the northern Senan region of the Scarlet Moon Empire, replacing Scarleticia Castle as its front line defence against the City-State of Jowston.
Grassland Harmonia
The Fire Bringer, led by the Flame Champion, first appear in the Grassland. The group crosses the border and raids the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia.

Solar Calendar 411
Grassland Harmonia
The Harmonian Army is sent to defeat the Fire Bringer which continues its guerilla attacks on Harmonian villages and towns. The Harmonian Army is thought to be dominant when the two forces battle but they would be lured to a mountain trap, severing communication between their front and rear and wiped out.

Solar Calendar 415
Grassland Harmonia
The Fire Bringer steal the True Water Rune from the One Temple in Crystal Valley, capital of Harmonia. Wyatt Lightfellow would go on to bear the rune.

Solar Calendar 416
Grassland Harmonia
The Harmonian Army cross over into the Grassland and captures 5,000 Grassland civilians.

Solar Calendar 417
Grassland Harmonia
The Harmonian Army offers to trade the 5,000 Grassland prisoners for the Flame Champion. Ignoring the protestations of his friends and troops, the Flame Champion gives himself up.

Solar Calendar 419
Grassland Harmonia
Grassland and Harmonian rebels battle the Harmonian Army but ill discipline and the absence of the Flame Champion leads them to be easily defeated. Many rebel towns and villages are razed and civilans captured as slaves.

Solar Calendar 420
The Zexen Federation established around the prosperous commercial city of Vinay del Zexayxx.

Solar Calendar 421
Grassland Zexen
Border conflict begins to break out between the Zexen Federation and the Grassland clans. The Flame Champion escapes from Harmonia, now bearing the True Fire Rune.

Solar Calendar 422
Brass Castle is completed on the border between the Zexen Federation and the plains of the Grassland. It will serve as the headquarters for the Zexen Knights.
The Fire Bringer and Harmonian rebels fighting for the freedom of the Grassland battle with the Harmonian Army. During the battle, the True Fire Rune rages out of control, decimating both Harmonian and Grassland forces. The fire caused burns for three days, with no night due to the light of the blaze.

Solar Calendar 423
The Zexen Free Merchant Guild is established in the Zexen Federationxxi.

Solar Calendar c.425
Grassland Harmonia
The Fire Bringer, backed by the Grassland clans, fight an all battle against the Harmonian Army. Repelling the invasion, a 50 year non-aggression pact is signed. Six Clan cooperation established. Geddoe help negotiate the area of Budehuc Castle as common land between the Zexen Federation and the Grasslandxxii.

Solar Calendar 426
Threatened by both the clans of the Grassland and the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia, the Zexen Knights are established in order to defend the territories of the Zexen Federationxxiii.

Solar Calendar 428
Dunan Highland
The Highland Army, under the command of King Robert Blight and 1st Army General Han Cunningham invade the City-State of Jowston. Darell, Mayor of Muse, retreats to South Window City. Genkaku begins to lead the remnants of the Muse City forces in resistance. Genkaku and Han possess both halves of the Rune of Beginning.

Solar Calendar 430
Grassland Harmonia
The Harmonian Southern Frontier Defense Force is established as part of the lessons learned from the conflict with the Fire Bringer. The Flame Champion disappears from history and the Fire Bringer disperses.

Solar Calendar 431
The clandestine feud regarding the matter of inheritance breaks out in the Queendom of Falena. Falzrahm wishes to become Queen despite being the younger sister of Shahewar, the Crown Princess of Falena and eldest daughter of Queen Olhazeta.

Solar Calendar 432
Dunan Highland
The City-State army led by Genkaku begins their “Great Offensive.” They successfully recapture Greenhill City and the Matilda Knightdom. Also, in order to aid the Winghordes displaced from their lands in Tinto, Genkaku purchases the sandbar in Two River City for use as a settlementxxiv.

Solar Calendar 433
The Sacred Games are held to determine the husband of Princess Arshtat of Falena even though she was not the daughter of the Queen or the daughter of the Crown Princess of Falena. The contest was won by the warrior Ferid rather than by a gladiator representing a member of the aristocracy as is the norm. The games were held as part of Falzrahm’s plot to create legitimacy for her claim to the throne.

Solar Calendar 434
Dunan Highland
City-State Army Supreme Commander Genkaku and Highland 1st Army General Han Cunningham reach an agreement regarding a ceasefire. However, a dispute breaks out over a small territory in eastern Highland. Han and Genkaku engage in a duel to settle the matter and when Genkaku loses, he is exiled from the City-State.

Solar Calendar c.438
An incident occurs in which several gladiatorial slaves escape from their captors.  Following this incident, the abuse and resale of gladiator slaves becomes even more prevalent in Falena.

Solar Calendar 438
Olhazeta, Queen of Falena, passes away. Inheritance disputes between Falzrahm and Shahewar drag the country to the brink of civil war. Many lords and ladys are killed in the struggle, including Mardas and Rosalind of the Godwin family and Hiram and Kauss Barows.

Solar Calendar 439
Too tired to continue the fight, Shahewar relinquishes her claim to the throne. Falzrahm is crowned Queen of Falena and immediately begins a purge of her sister and her relatives and supporters.

Solar Calendar 440
Queen Falzrahm dies suddenly and her eldest daughter, Arshtat, is crowned Queen of Falena. Queen Arshtat’s younger sister, Sialeeds, has her engagement to Gizel Godwin annulled so as to avoid a repeat of the succession struggles that plagued the nation previouslyxxv.

Solar Calendar 441
Falena New Armes
The New Armes Kingdom invades eastern Falena under the command of a king heavily favoured by the hardline Darja clan but is eventually repelled thanks to the efforts of the Queen’s Knights and the strategies of Lucretia Merces. In the ensuing fallout, the king is deposed and the more moderate Jalat of the Ishavaak Clan is installed as King of New Armes.

Solar Calendar 443
Dunan Highland
On the journey back from a meeting in Muse City, the Highland royal caravan is attacked by bandits. The bandits capture Queen Sara and Prince Luca but King Agares escapes and raises the alarm. The bandits were surprisingly well-equipped leading to rumours that the attack was orchestrated by Mayor Darell of Muse.

Solar Calendar 446
The War of Succession breaks out in the Scarlet Moon Empire with the passing of Emperor Michelan. Michelan’s elder brother, Geil, had been passed over for the throne by their father, Emperor Kallnach, and so Geil pressed his claim while Crown Prince Barbarosa was attending to duties in Kunan. Civil war would ensure with Barbarosa initially boxed in at Pannu Yakuta Castle. With the aid of Leon Silverberg and his Six Great Generals, however, Barbarosa was able to turn the tide and within a year Geil was defeated and the country belonged to Barbarosa.

Solar Calendar 447
Dunan Toran
The southern City-State forces centred around Tinto City attempt to take advantage of the Scarlet Moon Empire civil war by invading but are repelled by Emperor Barbarosa and his allies.
Lord Godwin discovers traces of a Sindar ruin in the far northern Ashtwal Mountains.

The region of Lordlake undergoes drought for about six months with the construction of a dam on its tributary of the Feitas before a protest march on the East Palace takes place. Lord Barows uses this opportunity to incite a riot, having the Dawn Rune stolen from the palace in the process. In retribution, Arshtat scorches the lands around Lordlake with the Sun Rune.

Solar Calendar 448
Dunan Toran
The Kalekka Incident occurs. Leon Silverberg orchestrated the slaughter of the village of Kalekka by the Imperial Army with the aim of pinning the massacre on Jowston and so reigniting pro-war sentiment when morale had been flagging in their war against the City-State. Following this incident vice strategist Mathiu Silverberg leaves the Imperial Army.

Solar Calendar 449
North Window Village is destroyed by the vampire Neclord.
Queen Arshtat is killed in a plot by Lord Godwin and her daughter Lymsleia is installed as Queen of Falena as head of a puppet regime. The Imperial City Recapture Army is established by the Prince of Falena who managed to escape the chaos. The army is backed by the strategist Lucretia Merces and the Sun Rune War begins.

Solar Calendar 450
The Sun Rune War ends with the liberation of Sol Falena. Queen Lymsleia remains ruler of Falena and instigates numerous political reforms, including the replacement of the old noble-based senate with a more representative parliamentary system.

Solar Calendar c.450
The merchant Anji tires of Imperial oppression and establishes the Lake Toran Pirates.

Solar Calendar 453
Odessa Silverberg organizes the Liberation Army starting the Gate Rune War (Liberation War)xxvi. Future leader McDohl would be in possession of the Soul Eater.

Solar Calendar 455
The son of Teo McDohl inherits the Rune of Life and Death from Ted. Odessa Silverberg is killed in a raid on the Liberation Army’s headquarters in Lenankamp and McDohl assumes leadership with the support of Odessa’s brother, Mathiu.

Solar Calendar 456
Dunan Toran
As part of the strategy of Mathiu Silverberg of the Liberation Army, City-State forces from Tinto and South Window City occupy the northern region of the Empirexxvii.

Solar Calendar 457
The Scarlet Moon Empire is defeated by the Liberation Army led by the eldest son of the McDohl house. Lepant is appointed first president of the Toran Republicxxviii.

Solar Calendar 458
Dunan Toran
The Toran Republic begin their recapture of the northern region. South Window City is repelled early on while Tinto City is repulsed at the end. The Highland Kingdom become active on the border following the death of Genkaku.

Solar Calendar 460
Dunan Highland
The Dunan Unification War breaks out in the wake of the invasion of the City-State of Jowston by Highland Prince Luca Blight. The New Alliance leader and Jowy posses both halves of the Rune of Beginning. The war would encompass the deaths of Kings Agares and Luca and the fall of the Highland Kingdom under King Jowy. The conflict would end with a new nation being formed out of the ruins of the participants, a new Dunan Republicxxix.

Solar Calendar 461
Overhearing rumours from Leknaat, Luc travels to Crystal Valley alone and rescues the young mage, Sarah.

Solar Calendar 461/462xxx?
Teresa Wisemail is elected President of the Dunan Republic. Shu steps down as Chancellor and is replaced by Klaus Windamier.

Solar Calendar 465
Grassland Zexen
The Zexen Federation makes claims on Grassland territories, sparking a war between the two. Sgt. Joe would fight in this conflict.

Solar Calendar 467
Grassland Zexen
Representatives of both the Grassland and Zexen negotiate a ceasefire, ending their war.

Solar Calendar 470
Zexen celebrates its 50th anniversary with the Zexen Foundation Day Ball. The event is overshadowed by a brawl between Chris Lightfellow and Lilly Pendragon.

Solar Calendar 471
Grassland Zexen
A Zexen caravan is attacked in the Grassland by the Lizard Clan. An attempt at negotiation is made but a forged Zexen demand for territorial concessions causes the conflict to flare up againxxxi.

Solar Calendar 472
Dunan Harmonia
Higheast Rebellion takes place between the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia and the Dunan Republic over the territories of the former Highland Kingdom that had been incorporated into the latter at the end of the Dunan Unification War. The war would start from a small riot in Higheast, leading to the Harmonian Frontier Army, under Sadram, invading without any orders from Crystal Valley. The conflict would last half a year before Harmonian recalled Sadram, ending the war.

Solar Calendar 473
Grassland Zexen
Disputes between the Zexen Federation and the Grassland continue to intensify.

Solar Calendar 475
Grassland Harmonia Zexen
Knight Captain Galahad is killed in combat against the Grassland clans. Chris Lightfellow would assume his position. As part of Luc’s machinations, the War of the Champions breaks out between the Zexen Federation and the Grassland tribes. The Holy Kingdom of Harmonia would invade the region with the expiration of their 50 year cease fire agreement. Eventually all three forces would unite to thwart the destructive goals of Luc and his Destroyers.