Gensosuikoden Vocal Collection ~Distant Star: Echoes Of Love~

Cover : Gensosuikoden Vocal Collection ~Distant Star: Echoes Of Love~


Japanese: 幻想水滸伝 ボーカルコレクション ~彼方の星 Echoes Of Love~
Romaji: Gensōsuikoden Bōkarukorekushon ~ Kanata no Hoshi Echoes Of Love ~
Catalogue Number: KOLA-018
Release Date: 22 January, 2003
Release Price: 3059 JPY
Publisher: Konami Music Entertainment

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Track List

  • 104:37Distant Star (from Gensosuikoden II)
  • 204:59Beautiful Morning (from Gensosuikogaiden Vol.1)
  • 305:39Unfinished Dream (from Gensosuikogaiden Vol.2)
  • 405:03Dandy Richmond (from Gensosuikoden II)
  • 505:25Dancing Girl (from Gensosuikoden)
  • 605:06The Wind and the Earth (from Gensosuikoden III)
  • 704:41Narcy's Theme (from Gensosuikoden III)
  • 805:47Currents-Op.theme (from Gensosuikogaiden Vol.1)
  • 905:29Withered Earth (from Gensosuikoden II)
  • 1005:25Theme of a Moonlit Night (from Gensosuikoden II)
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