Gensosuikoden Original Game Soundtrack

Cover : Gensosuikoden Original Game Soundtrack


Japanese: 幻想水滸伝 オリジナル・ゲーム・サントラ
Romaji: Gensōsuikoden Orijinaru Gēmu Santora
Catalogue Number: KICA-7696~7
Release Date: 5 April, 1996
Release Price: 3200 JPY
Publisher: Konami

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Track List

Disk n° : 1

  • 101:52Into a World of Illusion (Title BGM)
  • 201:16Beginning Theme (Name Entry Screen BGM and More)
  • 302:42Royal Palace Inspection (Gregminster Castle BGM)
  • 402:20Eternal Empire (From Event 'The Emperor Grants You Audience')
  • 502:09Beautiful Golden Capital (Gregminster BGM)
  • 602:02Main Theme Arrange ~ Guitar Version (From Event 'Returned Home')
  • 700:29Fly, Black! (From Event 'Black Takes Flight')
  • 802:46Black Forest (Leknaat's Mansion BGM)
  • 902:03Touching Theme (From Event 'Leknaat's Oracle')
  • 1001:54Tiny Characters on the Prairie (Field BGM1)
  • 1102:14Distant Mountain (Mountain BGM)
  • 1201:36Penpe (Dungeon BGM2)
  • 1302:19Confrontation with Monsters (Battle BGM)
  • 1400:25Victory Theme (Battle Victory BGM)
  • 1501:24Rock Rockland (Lenankamp - Rockland BGM)
  • 1600:44Theme of Tension ~ Ensemble Version (From Event 'Attack on the Liberation Army's Hideout')
  • 1701:46Theme of Sadness ~ Ensemble Version (From Event 'Odessa's Death')
  • 1802:51Eternal Flow (Seika BGM)
  • 1901:24Joy Joy Time (Sub-Game BGM)
  • 2001:58Intrusion (Dungeon BGM)
  • 2101:49Mysterious Forest (Village of the Elves BGM)
  • 2202:00People of Great Pride (Village of the Dwarves BGM)
  • 2300:10Theme of Despair (From Event 'Burning of the Village of the Elves')
  • 2404:58A Moment of Peace (Antei BGM)
  • 2504:13Sea's Roar (Teien BGM)
  • 2601:17Strange Theme (From Event 'Watch Out Flik! Kimberly's Temptation')
  • 2700:35This Sweetie is the Village Treasure (From Event 'Mina's Dance')
  • 2803:20Narcy's Theme (From Event 'Vansan, Milich's Speech')
  • 2903:05Gorgeous Scarleticia (Scarleticia Castle BGM)
  • 3002:28Dancing Girl (Kirov BGM)

Disk n° : 2

  • 102:03Clash! (War BGM)
  • 202:26Premonition of Victory (War BGM2)
  • 301:41Critical Situation (Single Combat BGM)
  • 401:36Theme of Sadness ~ Guitar Version (From Event 'Teo's Death')
  • 501:32In the Stillness (Qlon Temple BGM)
  • 603:53Gathering of Warriors (Warriors' Village BGM)
  • 701:35Theme of Tension ~ Impact Version (From Event 'Neclord Appears')
  • 801:58This is Just a Rumor (From Event 'Zorak's Speech')
  • 903:18Lost Days (Village of the Hidden Rune BGM)
  • 1003:59Passacaglia (Neclord's Castle BGM)
  • 1102:02Main Theme Arrange ~ Ensemble Version (From Event 'Hix the Hero')
  • 1202:02A Fortress By the Water (Liberation Army Headquarters BGM1)
  • 1302:30A Glorious Fortress By the Water (Liberation Army Headquarters BGM2)
  • 1402:12Blue Sea, Blue Sky (Field BGM2)
  • 1503:23An Old Irish Song (Dragon Knights' Fortress)
  • 1601:25Gate (Moravia Castle - Checkpoint BGM)
  • 1703:39Theme of a Moonlit Night (From Event 'The Night Before the Decisive Battle')
  • 1803:05Theme of the Advancing Army (War BGM3)
  • 1901:00Echoes of Impermanence (Gregminster in Ruins BGM)
  • 2002:22Ultimate Enemy (Boss Enemy BGM)
  • 2102:14Theme of Tension ~ Tama-dator (From Event 'Escape')
  • 2201:52REQUIEM (Ending BGM)
  • 2303:55Avertuneiro Antes Lance Mao ~The Fight Is Over~ (Ending BGM)
  • 2402:40Tropical Bath ~ FURO-mix (Bath BGM3)
  • 2500:30Cursed Bath "Long Steam Baths are Taboo" (Bath BGM4)
  • 2600:14Theme of Regret (Player Defeat BGM)
  • 2700:05Heartbroken (Jingle 1)
  • 2800:07Fanfare (Jingle 2)
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