Gensosuikoden Arrange Collection Vol.2 ~Celtic & Asian~

Cover : Gensosuikoden Arrange Collection Vol.2 ~Celtic & Asian~


Japanese: 幻想水滸伝 アレンジコレクション Vol.2 ~ケルティック&エイジアン~
Romaji: Gensōsuikoden Arenji Korekushon Vol.2 ~Kerutikku & Eijian~
Catalogue Number: LC-1803
Release Date: 19 March, 2010
Release Price: 3000 JPY
Publisher: Konami Digital Entertainment

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Track List

  • 104:43Into a World of Illusion (from Gensosuikoden)
  • 203:27Touching Theme (from Gensosuikoden)
  • 303:37Even Further (from Gensosuikoden II)
  • 403:12Every Day Is a Carnival (from Gensosuikoden II)
  • 504:09Triumphant Return (from Gensosuikoden III)
  • 603:50Cheerful Farm Village (from Gensosuikoden III)
  • 705:36Epilogue ~For the 108 Stars~ (from Gensosuikoden IV)
  • 805:30The Meaning of Heritage (from Gensosuikoden IV)
  • 903:54The River and the Sun (from Gensosuikoden V)
  • 1004:28A Tragic Request (from Gensosuikoden V)
  • 1103:20The Plain and the Sky (from Gensosuikoden Tierkreis)
  • 1203:44To the World! (from Gensosuikoden Tierkreis)
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