Gensosuikoden Arrange Collection Vol.1 ~Vocal & Piano~

Cover : Gensosuikoden Arrange Collection Vol.1 ~Vocal & Piano~


Japanese: 幻想水滸伝 アレンジコレクション Vol.1 ~ボーカル&ピアノ~
Romaji: Gensōsuikoden Arenji Korekushon Vol.1 ~Bōkaru & Piano~
Catalogue Number: LC-1802
Release Date: 18 December, 2009
Release Price: 3000 JPY
Publisher: Konami Digital Entertainment

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Track List

  • 103:12Into a World of Illusion (from Gensosuikoden)
  • 203:43Mysterious Forest (from Gensosuikoden)
  • 303:56Her Sigh (from Gensosuikoden II)
  • 403:40Reminiscence (from Gensosuikoden II)
  • 502:07Midwinter Land (from Gensosuikoden III)
  • 604:00Searching for the Former Hero (from Gensosuikoden III)
  • 703:31Finale Remembering the Deep Blue (from Gensosuikoden IV)
  • 804:10Seaside Spring (from Gensosuikoden IV)
  • 903:02To Peaceful Days (from Gensosuikoden V)
  • 1004:59Fleeting Tranquility (from Gensosuikoden V)
  • 1103:26Home of the Porpos (from Gensosuikoden Tierkreis)
  • 1204:07Their Futures (from Gensosuikoden Tierkreis)
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