Arrested Development – Suikoden II’s Long Shadow


Now the story of a wealthy series who lost everything, and the one game who had no choice but to keep them all together.

The announcement of Suikoden II’s imminent PlayStation Network release for PS3 and Vita has excited fans old and new. As the series comes into focus once again, it’s perhaps appropriate that the attention centers on Suikoden II, seeing as it has never really not been the center of attention as far as the Suikoden fandom goes.

Suikoden II, within the Suikoden fan base, is Suikoden. Everything revolves around the title, everything else is “before” Suikoden II or “after” Suikoden II. It is the template for what Suikoden is with future games being judged to a large extent based on how “Suikoden II-y” a new title is. But what has caused this situation and where does it leave the game itself?
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