Finally Here! Suikoden Card Stories – Special Interview

This interview was originally published in Genso Shinsho Volume 5, Summer 2001 edition, published on July 26, 2001. My Japanese is not great and I pretty much speed translated this so there will be errors and parts that probably don’t seem to make much sense. But, hey, if you want a professional translation, pay me professional translator money.

September sees the release of Gensosuikoden Card Stories. The editorial department has attempted to reach out to Konami TYO for more information. To answer these Genso questions, your intrepid interviewer, Juan, had the noted Murayama-san and Ota-san answer our questions. With the inside story on the development history, there was a lot to talk about.

Murayama and Ota flank a small poster for Gensosuikogaiden Vol.2.

Murayama and Ota flank a small poster for Gensosuikogaiden Vol.2. Ota is business casual, Murayama is Storm from X-Men awesome.

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Suikoden Card Stories 01 – An Introduction to Play

Card Stories Cover

Gensosuikoden Card Stories was a TCG (trading card game) designed and published by Konami between 2001 and 2004. Although a fundamentally sound TCG, its niche appeal as a piece of spin-off media, needless rule complications in later editions and the contraction of the Suikoden series’ media reach post-Suikoden III saw the game’s last additions (a kind of crummy Suikoden IV expansion) released in September 2004.

Over the past several weeks, I have been delving into translating and localising the cards for theoretical use by an English-reading audience. This is merely a hobby as there are many reasons why this game will not be played in English, modern Suikoden fandom size chief among them.

Still, as disparate efforts have been made on forums and social media over the use to communicate what Card Stories is, I thought I’d try and explain it as best I can here. That way, should I publish my localised cards you could, theoretically, use these blog posts and those cards to play this game.

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