Solon Jhee

Solon Jhee

Illustration by Ishikawa Fumi (石川史) for Suikoden II

Japanese (Romaji):  ソロン・ジー (Soron Jī)
From: Highland Kingdom (current Higheast province, Dunan Republic)
Lifespan: SY 430 – 460 (31 yearsi)
Titles: General of the 4th Royal Highland Armyii.

Solon was the second son of the Jhee family, a powerful noble family within the Highland Kingdom. The Jhee family held influence in the court and both Solon’s father and elder brother were shrewd politicians but, apparently, Solon inherited little of his family’s political talents.

Instead, he would choose to enter the Highland Army and, with the backing of Highland’s generals, rose to the command of the 4th Royal Highland Army. Some, including generals Culgan and Seed, felt Solon was benefiting from the power of his family name. However, it is likely, seeing as Prince Luca ran the Highland Army as a strict meritocracyiii, that Jhee had, at least to some extent, talent as a commanding officer. Solon, himself, felt great pressure to live up to the accomplishments of the Jhee name.

As he became a general at a young age, Solon was lacking in experience and tended to be prideful to the point of wilful ignoranceiv. It was also said he lack prudence and discretion while leading his men. His pride, on the other hand, lent itself well to bravery on the field of battle.

At the beginning of the Dunan Unification War, Solon Jhee would lead Highland’s initial attacks against Jowston. As the war continued, Solon was let down by a series of successive setbacksv. His most disastrous and costly failure came when, after taking South Window City without a fight and executing Mayor Granmeyer, he attacked a band of rebels at the old ruins of North Window. Having no experience with naval battles, Jhee did not factor in the possibility of being flanked from the lake shore. This is exactly what happened, with units arriving by ship and almost surrounding Jhee before he retreated.

Following this disastrous defeat, Solon Jhee failed to pacify Luca Blight’s anger and was ordered to be beheaded immediatelyvi. Solon’s first thoughts were to the loss of pride such an end would bring, not just to himself but also to the Jhee family name, which he had spent a lifetime frantically pursuing; his efforts made useless by his disgrace.