Luca Blight

Luca Blight

Illustration by Yashioka Sho (八至丘翔) for Genso Suikogaiden Vol.1

Japanese (Romaji):  ルカ・ブライト (Ruka Buraitoi)
From: Highland Kingdomii (current Higheast province, Dunan Republic)
Lifespan: SY 434 – 460 (27 years)
Titles: King of Highland

Luca Blight was born in Highland in 434 as the eldest child of Sara and Agares Blight. He was trained in the sword by Han Cunningham. He lived the relatively normal life of a child growing up in the royal family, under the safe protection of his father, King Agares and his mother, Sara. This normalcy would be fractured, giving birth to rage and a desire for power.

In 443, at the age of ten, the Blight royal caravan was attacked while returning from a ceremony in Muse Cityiii by what was ostensibly a group of bandits, although the equipment and training of the brigands indicated they were trained by Muse. His father would flee the scene and Luca and his mother would be kidnapped. Sara would be violated by the mob in front of his eyesiv. Eventually rescued, it was this incident above all others that sparked his hatred of his father, of the City-State and of the world.

Still, although Luca would frequently clash with his father over the years, he showed little sign of overt hatredv. In comparison to his father, his more aggressive nature made him popular among the military and Agares would eventually step aside as commander of the army in order to reduce their dissatisfaction in those more peaceful times. As commander of the Highland Royal Army, Luca ran the military as a strict meritocracy, allowing for the rise of skilled younger generals, such as Culgan, Seed and, later, Jowy Atreides.

Due to his outrageous brutality and cunning, compared to that of a demon, both his enemies and his own soldiers feared and respected him, calling him the “Mad Prince”vi. Despite this reputation he was not indiscriminately violent towards his men. However, he could be extremely harsh on those he considered incompetent, due in part to his meritocratic administration. His strength as a leader and a warrior made him overwhelmingly popular amongst the men of the Highland Army.

Luca would continue to be disgruntled by the cease-fire agreement his father had brokered with the City-State. In the year 460, Luca Bright would orchestrate the slaughter of the Unicorn Brigade and pinned the blame on the City-State in order to justify the invasion of Jowston and the start of the Dunan Unification War. From this point on, the Highland Army would exist only as an instrument for Luca’s desires.

As commander-in-chief of the Highland Army, Luca actively led the Highland forces since the beginning of the war. He fought on the front lines himself at the head of his veteran White Wolf Army, delighting in the slaughter of both soldiers and civilians. His disgust for those he considered weak would only fuel his massacres further as civilians begged for mercy. However, Luca ambitions were not satisfied merely with sacking villages and towns throughout the countrysidevii.

After the capture of Muse City, Luca would begin a series of sacrifices to the Beast Rune, hoping to unseal its power and unleash untold death and destruction on the land. Watching the people die from atop Jowston Hill, he sought empathy with Jowy Atreides and discussed his desire for power. By this point, Luca’s rage was like an unquenchable fire. His only remaining touch of humanity was his love for his mother, of whom his sister, Jillia, was a painful reminderviii. Even mentioning Sara could bring Luca to the point of explosive rage.

As the Dunan Unification War continue to rage and the Highland forces began to meet greater resistance against the New State Army, Luca would return to L’Renouille.  There, he would conspire with Jowy Atreides to poison King Agares through a traditional Knight’s Oath ceremonyix. Ingesting Jowy’s poisoned blood,  Agares would quickly pass away on the floor of L’Renouille Palace much to Luca’s delight. To him, his father had died the day he fled the attack on the royal caravan, replaced only by a target for hatred. After years of cloaking his disgust, Luca Blight would be King of Highland.

Even that moment of vengeance against his father was not enough and the war would continue in full force. However, aware of his escalating madness and disgusted by his evil heart, Jowy Atreides, through his strategist Leon Silverberg, would conspire with the New State Army to have him ambushed during a night raid on the New State Army Headquarters.

Although his men were quickly cut down, Luca’s outstanding battle prowess and bravery would compel him to fight on alone. Surviving the ambush and fighting off waves of New State Army officersx, Luca would escape the ambush, making his way into the forests. However, he would open an amulet he found on the way, releasing a number of fireflies, both earning his derision, and an acknowledgement of his own fearxi, and acting as a signal for a squadron of archers who duly fired.

His body racked with arrows and his strength finally beginning to falter, Luca would finally be cornered by the New State Army’s leader and struck down in a vicious, final duel. Even in death, Luca Blight would celebrate his own evilness, unable to show remorse and laughing as his thirst of bloodshed faded and he was consumed by death. Finally defeated, Luca Blight’s death closed the curtain on a life fraught with evil.