Graham Cray

Graham Cray

Illustration by Kawano Junko (河野純子) for Suikoden IV

Japanese (Romaji):  グレアム・クレイ (Gureamu Kurei)
From: Unknowni.
Lifespan: SY 263ii – 307 (45 yearsiii)
Height: 185cm (6′ 1″)
Titles: Chairman of Cray Trading Company
Voice: 中多 和宏 (Nakata Kazuhiro) (Japanese), Douglas Rye (English)

The earliest mentions of Graham Cray place him in the Scarlet Moon Empire where he served as an aide to Elenor Silverberg, the nation’s strategist. At some point, he would inherit the Rune of Punishment, one of the 27 True Runes. Desperate to rid himself of the rune’s cursed influence, he would end up severing his left arm, which he would later replace with a prosthetic.

In an event Graham could not have foreseen, however, the Rune of Punishment would pick a nearby soul for its newest host; Graham Cray’s young son. Cray attempted to keep his son’s affliction under control but during what would be termed the Man-Hunting Incidentiv, Cray’s border village was attacked and his son perished using the large power of the rune to decimate the attackers. Cray would be held responsible for the incident and exiled from the Scarlet Moon Empirev.

With the loss of his son, Graham would become obsessed with reclaiming the Rune of Punishment in order to connect with his son again through the rune’s curse. He would establish the sinister Cray Trading Company, and its respectable front, Orark Maritime Trade, becoming known as the feared “Merchant of Death”. In order to track down the Rune of Punishment, he began to work with the Kooluk Army, lending support to their Southern Expansion Policy and instigating the Island Liberation War.

Desperate to see his son again in the rune’s memories, Cray would continue to manipulate the Kooluk forces from El-Eal Fortress, first subtly by directing their focus towards obtaining the Rune of Punishmentvi and eventually overtly, cumulating in his imprisoning of the Governor of El-Eal in a coup. But for all his efforts, the Empire could not defeat the combined forces of the Island Nations, ably guided by his old mentor, Elenor Silverberg, and he was himself defeated at the final battle at Fort El-Eal, leaving his dearest wish unfulfilled. He was never seen again following the end of the war and the prevailing theory is that he died in the collapse of the fortress.